Monday, 15 June 2020

Malcybogaten Strikes Back

Hello and Welcome to my Miniatures and Terrain Blog.
I have been Gaming for 35 years and have played many a different Wargame, Boardgame and RPG.
My main interest is collecting and painting miniatures. Victorian Sci-Fi, Pulp and Battletech are my main interests. Though Battletech has taken a backseat for a few years now.
I also build my own terrain from Wooden Puzzles, Jenga Blocks and Household Items.
Look and read on. I like to share my ideas.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

New Gasland Cars Useable in most cases.

Been a while mainly because of lighting issues in the game room.
I have done loads and here I get to upload a batch of Hotwheels and other manufacturers to clear a bit of backlog!

Here a car electronics wiring kit, came in very handy for the gun barrels on the wings and all the small plastic housings they were meant to fit inside of. In the middle of the roof larger boxes from the same wiring kit make the missile launcher. On the back of the car 4 mines represented by 2 pc screws and 2 press studs are just glued on to be jettisoned in the path of some poor beggar!
 The car behind my (Station Wagon or Estate car as we in the UK call them) the Flanethrower Vehicle! An old useful gun barrelfrom lord knows where? With 2 small transistors for fuel barrels and a bit of curly wire make it quite effective.

 A VW Beetle MLRS again raided from the car wiring box. A very useful component box I still have quite a few bits left of this and £1.99 was all it cost me!
 Car in the back has a cupola mounted recoiless rifle mounted on it's side. Libby's lounge for the meshing so useful for many uses!
 Ann almost A-Team looking Van needs some work still but overall Black seems to be working for it!
 And the most heavily armed Rolls Royce I could make. All models provided by my Brother when my Nephew stopped playing with toy cars and started on the real ones!
Still got a bag full left. Though I'm at a bit of a loss what to do with 2 Citroen 2CV's.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Base style works in progress and walls finished.

Here are some works in progress and concrete walls I have been playing with.

Walls made from 3 different sized Jenga block sets. Base structures made from various bits and pieces I have recently been given or purchased from a toyfair.

These rather useful looking structures came from the packaging for a range of Anime style looking toys called Ready2Robot. I got 1 to see what the robot was like. Cutesy really weapons may be useful somewhere down the line but the toys are to cute for me. The stuff they comein however look like giant cargo crates so I got 6 of them to make outworld scifi buildings from! you can see them below and I have added bits and bobs to them from vehicles and the spares box for more detail. Spryed them all with primer and painted them grey.

 Another set of cardboard rolls and sprue pipes added to it.
 Bits of kinder surprise toy holder also added.
 2 more refinery bits of undetermined nature. Still in processing painting wise.
 The shapes of the sectional (They come apart originally so you can get the Robot parts out of each section) Ready2Robot packaging. I added some bits to these and started painting they may evolve further.
 The old Airfix Pontoon bridge girderworks I had left over after I built my enormously long bridge out of 2 of the kits. Not on Earth sure where I am going here?
 Random bits of refinery. People throw stuff at me to see what I can do. I use them as inspiration strikes.
 I added these toy pipes to this older building which is still evolving. The pipes came from The Works. It was a kids toy construction game. I have loads of them from one pack. Haven't seen the game in a while now.
 My newer Jenga concrete walls. Three packs of different sized blocks variously called, Topple Tower, Tumbling Tower and Wooden Tumbling Tower. I just saw how many I could make from the best combination of sizes I had. I added little lights to some for warning lights. They came from a diecast police car that had been wrecked a while ago.
I have enough of the walls to cross my table. I will just use my Mesh gateway as an entrance.

Hope you like these so far.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

WIP on more Refinery Bits and other installations.

The Refinery has had more parts added and more underway.

I have been on a College course for about 3 months. Then my Brother was taken ill and had to have a Heart operation. So I have been lax posting. He is now on the mend.

Anyway. To distract myself I have been adding more scenery and making a dent in my "spares box."

PDQ rolls, National Lottery rolls, Heroclix Bases, Kit Plastic Sprue bits and anything else I could find that looked like it might fit got stuck to bases then painted. Here we go.

I went a bit mad with the plastic kit sprues used as piping on a few of theses. Found 2 old bottle tops for antiperspirant roll on bottles for the one on the forward right of this picture.
 PDQ rolls, Rolls for the national lottery machine plus spares from other plastic kits in abundance used in abundance here. Kinder toy holder to the left upper as another kind of storage or distillery part.
 Centrally in picture 4 PDQ rolls used with heroclix dial bases mounted on top of useful wooden circular discs from "The Works" for some other type of storage. Empty cellotape inner rolls were useful add-ons near the top and old Britains Star Gard bases hid some sins.
 Most of the new stuff all together.
 Ping Pong balls and Kinder inner toy capsules. A lego windmill blade on a tower placed behind.

WIP more to get done. I always build more than I can get finished. These 2 just got partially done before I moved on to something else to break up the monotony for a while.

Another layout before a a game will be on the cards as soon as I can get everyone together and it gets a bit warmer in my game room.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Celtic type cross made from a wooden key.

I found a pack of "Wooden Key Embellishments" in my local The Works Publisher shop.

They are in the craft section and are laser cut wooden things. The pack contains 5 or 6 different key designs. I was going to buy 2 packs and use them as Temple engravings. I still may do this.

But with this one I decided to make a free standing Celtic type cross. Another pack of Works wooden discs provided me with loads of bases in three different diameters. Pebbles out of my front garden, some base tufts a bit of milliput and use of a craft knife to cut the keyed section from the key.

Here is the result.

I used a Gold and a Black fine liner pen to draw on some decoration after painting. I will add this piece to my Graveyard or Jaffa games. Set decoration again. You can't see the base in these shots. But it is nothing special really.

Even newer WIP Refinery builds.

It has been a while since I made a new post. But I have been working on new stuff in bits and bobs across all the subjects on the Blog.

Here are some of my latest bits for my Modern/Sci-fi scenery.

The main sections of most of these storage vessels are made from credit card PDQ machine rolls, cash register receipts rolls and some thicker Lottery Machine ticket rolls.
The pipework sections are made from cut down sections of plastic kit sprues that I have kept and asked my friends if they can keep them aside once they have built the kits.

 It does help to keep all useful looking bits and bobs from various kits, cheap games and electronic devices in you spares containers. Bases from Heroclix are incredibly handy as toppers for storage vessels.

 These Wall Anchor parts make very nice decoration for pipe/sprue bases. Also add a lot of strength to the fixture at the base. I only had a limited number at this point. I intend to get more of them. At £1 for a bag of 6 anchors they will go far.
 Some of the pipework here does not include the anchors. This was before I discovered how useful they were. Experimentation is the key. The rolls are covered in Aluminium reflective tape. More to seal the cardboard rolls from any paint absorbtion than decoration. Very easy to smooth out after application and can give an underlying metal scratch effect to painting afterwards.

 Lookout for the wooden shapes in the Works Publishers. Under the craft section. Many things there can save you a lot of time. One disc here tops the larger roll in the background. The disc on the front roll is actually a clock face dial. The pen refill was out of teh spares box.
 On this one the use of an old biro pen case as an exhaust chimney and on the base a pure juice carton opener on the base just gives some detail.
As you can see from the bottom picture. All of these builds need more little bits of detail and painting to make them more pleasing. But the general idea is coming along nicely.
The bases were made from my label wrapping technique over a drinks coaster. Another thing I found in my local Poundland. They had squared corners and were reduced to 25p for packs of 4. I can't seem to find anymore of them. Even in other Poundlands!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

You tube channel. Guy is brilliant!

Not quite my usual posting. But this guy is a fountain of modelling ideas and brilliant at it.

Sci-fi and military modelling and well worth a look.